Our Services


At BKI Exports, we specialize in creative sales both domestically and

internationally. We work tirelessly on network and outreach, and seek out long-term relationships that facilitate a seamless and profitable experience for both sides.


Because of their years of experience and impeccable reputations in the industry, Brad and Steve have created a solid network of buyers and suppliers. We view them as our partners, and bring them up-to-date market information and opportunities. With past experience in all areas of the tree nut industry, we are able to connect our buyers with the right suppliers, handlers and packers to meet their needs.

We understand the lifecycle of the product from the tree to table. Brad and Steve have a complete knowledge of production at all levels, including a lifetime of experience in family farming, harvesting, and plant management. They have also traveled the world visiting our buyers at their offices, plants and retail spaces.


Our on-site shipping and logistics coordinator can handle transport booking, documentation review, invoicing and collection with expert attention to customer service, organization and detail.

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.