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About Us

Working in partnership with established growers and packers with orchards and facilities in California, our founder, Brad Klump, has played a major role in the state’s tree nut industry since 1992. Brad worked for the Almond Board of California, of which he is currently a board member, from 1992 to 1995. After that, he worked for three years as a Tree Nut and Dried Fruit Broker prior to taking on the role of general manager and partner at Export Import Associates for 13 years.
Drawing on his years of experience, Brad launched a new business in 2009, to connect growers, packers and buyers by providing a seamless flow of quality market information, excellent communication and personalized customer service. 

During this time a great partnership was formed between Brad and Joey Roche of Roche Brothers. Brad was able to bring his experience in the almond industry together with Joey’s knowledge of farming and his relationships with local almond farmers to provide a better full service experience for growers and buyers, from the orchard to the table.

This hands-on approach was good for business and, in June of 2012, Steve Bava joined the company, bringing with him 10 years of sales and relationship building experience. Later that same year, the company incorporated and BKI Exports Inc. was born.

In September 2013, Jenny Winzey joined BKI Exports to head up shipping and logistics bringing extensive banking experience, attention to detail and friendly customer service to the team.
In 2014, BKI Exports partnered with Roche Brothers International to form Nut Up Industries, Inc a manufacturer of healthy almond products including flavored chopped almonds, flavored whole almonds, almond flour and almond butter. These items are marketed under the Nut Up Industries brand. Nut Up Industries also provides custom processing for blanching, roasting, seasoning and retail (Private Label) packaging for almonds.

For the past few years BKI Exports has focused on selling, shipping and exporting almonds, walnuts, pecans and other dried fruit items from our partners in California to many regions throughout the world.

Recently BKI Exports has decided to use its experience in this industry to help governmental organizations have an alternative source for their nut and dried fruit needs. This increase in business has brought on the need for Kathleen Klump to become more involved in the business as owner and president working to assist those that are looking to procure healthy snacks for their teams and associates.

BKI Exports has exemplary past performance in providing almonds (roasted, inshell, raw or flavored) to customers around the world for over 30 years. We also work with other dried fruits and nuts from our friends and partners in California to our customers across the globe.  We also work with walnuts, pecan, pistachios raisins and prunes. We can also provide custom packaging (private label) roasting and blanching for almonds.